Aleksandra Kamińska

Ambassador of the Class Ladies in the area of business communication

Her professional career began in the Library Science as a student at the Silesian University, then she entered the world of business, finance and banking, SME area while was working as a Business Advisor and Client Relationship Manager in the area of corporate banking.

A graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Silesia in specialization of media and editorial, in addition fledgling Fitness Instructor of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice.

The task force, competent, reliable, focused on cooperation and joint problem solving, substantive and open – these characteristics make her ideal and a sense of mission carries out its social function in the Ladies Business Class.

Her role is to actively promote the Ladies Business Class Foundation of the World Women’s Business, building new relationships, communication with business partners seeking opportunities for cooperation with the Foundation, finf and reach the Ladies wishing to promote, exist, interact and realise in the circles of the Ladies Business Class .

Success in her professional and private life is based on trust, cooperation, openness and relatedness. Attaches the utmost importance to the quality of relationships. Interest in the field of social psychology and business psychology allows her consciously and successfully pursue business goals .

Privately – mother of two teenage sons, lover of women’s literature of the twentieth century, a fitness enthusiast, modern dance and swimming. She loves mountains, dreams of traveling to Nepal and studying at the School of Social Psychology.

Contact details:

mobile + 48 664 187 462
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