Another drop!

Another drop in the ocean of our Business Class Ladies’ needs, has just been done. The Board of Directors of the Ladies Business Class created the role of Ambassador.
As a part of this social function, the Foundation implements its statutory objectives through active promotion and support people who want to work in the name and on behalf of the Ladies Business Class. This is mutual benefit, because Ambassadors support the Ladies Business Class by their knowledge, experience, competence and time they spend. Therefore, we present the first Ambassadors:

  • Aleksandra Kamińska (Ambassador for Business contacts), 
  • Barbara Wilk-Ozga (Ambassador for PR and International communication),
  • Marzena Krzewińska (Ambassador for Interpersonal contacts).

Portfolio of other next Ambassadors will be available soon in the Ambassadors tab.
The Congress “Opening”, which will take place on the February 26th in Katowice, will be an ideal opportunity to introduce our Ambassadors to Business Class Ladies.