Daria Domaradzka – Guzik

President of the Board – Founder

Responsible for carrying out the tasks of the Foundation Ladies Business Class. Prepares and implements strategies, builds relationships with business partners and cooperating institutions.
Directly coordinates the tasks of the Foundation Advisory Board.
She loves relationships, cares about their building and development.
Professionally – effective Sales Director of Corporate Center, then Regional Director of Institutional Banking and currently Director of the Macroregion with a very good knowledge of the market, law and banking products. The practice has been gained in the area of the corporate banking in the large and the small bank. He takes care of the high efficiency of the managed units, also in a distributed structure. She pays great attention to quality of the management team and feels jointly responsible for its development. She loves to develop interpersonal communication areas with special emphasis on “body language communication”. Her natural interpersonal skills creates Her great ability to build long lasting business relationships. Supports initiatives for the development of women in business.

A graduate of English Philology – Economical Business English, also completed postgraduate studies at the Higher School of Banking.
She likes people, actively participates in conferences, congresses, seminars and business meetings (including the local Chambers of Commerce) – she was business session panelist of the European Congress of Small and Medium Enterprises in Katowice and EEC European Economic Congress, actively participates and supports networking sessions entrepreneurial women in business.

Privately – happy wife, mother of the growing up the only child, loves skiing, travelling, reading literature on the role of Islam in the world of women, currently in love with the cities: Rome and Venice. She also actively takes part in the Italian language course.