Foundation’s key objectives and actions

Key objectives of the foundation

  1. Promoting personal and professional development of women entrepreneurs,
  2. Promoting entrepreneurship and professional activity among women,
  3. Initiating and supporting cooperation between women,
  4. Popularizing the idea of good practices and showcase examples of successful women in business,
  5. Supporting activities that improve economic and entrepreneurship development ,
  6. Promotion and realization of scientific and educational activities, including business education and dissemination of economic,
  7. To disseminate and popularize the idea of responsible business,
  8. Promoting active healthy lifestyle among the business women,
  9. Activities for the promotion of equal opportunities for women and men, including in particular the promotion of measures to increase the participation of women in senior or managerial positions,
  10. Create the elite and prestigious social network dedicated professionally active women.
  1. initiating, conducting , organizing conferences, seminars , workshops and educational seminars in the field of business development, economic sciences, business, branding, image creation, prevention, care and sports activities,
  2. networking , support for business networking, bringing together businesses, exchange of good practices ,
  3. having the website, publishing and promoting events and publications in line with the objectives of the Foundation ,
  4. cooperation with state authorities, local government, institutions, the media, businesses and individuals within the scope of the objectives of the Foundation,
  5. membership in organizations or entities with statutory objectives coincide with the purpose of the Foundation,
  6. active coaching and mentoring support the statutory objectives of the Foundation