Marzena Krzewińska

Class Ladies Ambassador for the interpersonal communication

She specializes in the development of soft skills, leadership, change management and build environment changes as a Coach, Trainer, Moderator of the focus sessions. Projects refer to the specific nature of the organization are directed for managers, leaders and specialists.

Utility “smorgasboard”, ie the use of several schools coaching helps maintain the optimum set of tools for each client. This allows you to support customers with special needs who are working and implementing business strategies, among others, are well versed in Kaizen, Lean.

She has an intriguing, challenging, original portfolio of her workshops with the support of multi-level cooperation departments, processes, generations, changing patterns of thinking and acting, modeling managerial attitudes as well as reaching deeper, for example: safety in the organization, liars in business. I am an agent of positive change.

She throws the gauntlet and challenges as inspiration to action. Encourages people to overcome their own obstacles and search capabilities. Casual supports people in their personal development and career and is a partner for Business.

  • Entering the coaching culture
  • Coaching Business: SMEs: the owners, managers, leaders, Family Companies: the owners, the change of generations
  • Executive Coaching: Coaching managerial, organizational, effective organization, transformational coaching, coaching of competences: promotion, change of responsibilities
  • Team Coaching: Coaching of relationships, coaching with leaders, Group coaching sessions,
  • Coaching life: Individual coaching, Coaching career: the unemployed, students, alumni, parent coaching + workshops of Design for Moms, Dad Zone
  • Focus Sessions

Contact details:

mobile + 48 693 377 692
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.