MBA on bike

Ms Katarzyna Augustyn is a remarkable person. She’s a mother, manager, student, and, on top of all that, she races in mountain bike marathons. It really makes you wonder how she can do all that. Read on if you want to know what Katarzyna says about it herself.

The Beginnings

The sport I’ve done since I was a child is skiing. In winter, this is how we best like spending our free time. However, as you can only go skiing during one season, bike is the thing for the rest of the year. My real bike adventure started much later, though. At first, it was just bike rides around Krakow, the city where I live, then trips with the children carried in special seats, and finally – expeditions to the mountains where I’d ride through cycling routes and hiking trails. At the moment, the key events to practice my passion are mountain bike marathon races organized in Lower Silesia, in Wisla, and in Myslenice.

Climbing to the top

I’m pretty much result-oriented, focused on achieving goals. For me, as a non-professional, after all, racing in a mountain bike marathon means a huge effort. It involves a lot of preparation, dedication, and perseverance, and you simply must have the confidence that you will climb to the top. Descents can also be rocky, very steep and dangerous. However, no matter how difficult the course, the weather, and your own weaknesses you have to struggle through, reaching the goal you always feel extremely happy. At work, it is very similar. Tough decisions you make and emotional strains you experience when working on a project are quickly forgotten once the final result is attained.

Work-life balance

Love, family, and passion, are what drives the lives of us all. Each positive experience goads you on to learn and enhance your skills – professional skills, too. If there’s something you really enjoy doing, and you cultivate it, it provides you with the energy you need to live through the busy days and the difficult times that will come. This is why I can say my hobby gives me a sort of protective coat.

Personal development

It is my belief that if you’re standing still, you’re actually moving back. I’m fond of studying. Learning is addictive. When you’re a student, it also makes you feel younger. I looked at a number of schools. An in-depth analysis of the curriculum, coupled with excellent testimonials from current and former students, convinced me that the MBA program at the WSB School in Chorzow would be the optimal choice. The first sessions gave me a very good impression, both academically and organizationally. I’m sure that the learning I get through the program will be a perfect complement to the professional experience I already have.