Feminine dress code

I will not reveal the America, explaining the importance of the first impression. Sometimes it is wrong, but almost in most situations, it helps us to decide in a very short time. We think pictorial, because the visual aspect is so important for the first, superficial assessment of the person you encounter. I do not want to call into question the validity of the judgment, but you can not hide the fact that we all do it. Subconsciously. The premise of my job is to make my clients do the best visual impression. To tchem, the wrong image is not obscured the true value of opacity in the middle of an ugly package.

The attention to personal image is particularly important in the professional field. Starting from the interview, the first day of the new co-workers, through meetings with the contractors to the passing of his superiors at the company’s corridor. We create your professional image of the employee.

The dress code is strict rules for the selection of clothing in the business and diplomatic. For some it is a godsend, because dictate the precise terms – what you can and what you are not allowed to dress in the workplace. Assist in decision-making on purchases and facilitate completing the set every morning. For others, it greatly limit the freedom to express themselves through the image.

Nevertheless, knowledge of dress code is needed. Especially in the world of women’s business. Rules of etiquette image of women do not have such a long history as men. Only a few decades we active professional life, opening the company, managing big companies, we are politicians. We are entering a world which for centuries was reserved for men. Image of a woman in this world should be primarily professional, not applying too much attention to her sexuality.

What are the main features of the women’s dress code?

Watch out for the colors – the most suitable for suits, suits or dresses are garnet and gray. Grenade builds prestige, symbolizes seriousness. Gray is a neutral color, not communicating emotions themselves. Shades of white, beige, pale blue is a great choice for a shirt or blouse. Does this mean that other colors are prohibited? Yes, if a strict business etiquette. If we interpret the dress code gently, of course, other colors also comes into play. However, do not exaggerate with the amount of combined colors to not distract attention clothes from the most important: our words.

Watch out for the length – the length dress or skirt is ideal for mid-knee. The margin of error is 5 cm above and below the knee. Also check the depth of the neck, where it can not easily bend over documents without distraction caller is known to be too deep. The length of the heel also is important. High, 10-12 cm pin for many men is an attribute of female sexuality. Void so if we received as a partner to talk to, and not a demon sex. Deciding on the heel, it should have a maximum of 5-7 cm.

Beware of ornaments – earrings and bracelets jangling will effectively divert the attention from the substance of the meeting. Flash, sequins, big stones, jewelry Bollywood style wedding decorations is also not working. If the dress code is not very accurate, you can opt for a clear piece of jewelry, but let it be one element. Handbag, shoes and belt according to the rules should be the same color, preferably with a full-grain leather. Here it is worth investing in a good quality accessories – they emphasize the prestige of our position.

Beware of makeup – the work is not a disco. Glitter on the eye, cheeks shined, turquoise nails is not a business classic makeup. Make-up work should be matte or satin, soft colors. Nails as well. Strict dress code prohibits nail in vivid colors. I think, however, that in most industries, a little bit of red on the nails will not hurt …

Strict dress code applies in increasingly smaller number of companies. Each has its own exemption. It should, however, know all the rules, to know how to break them without harming the image of the business card. As a woman, I can advise that the professional field should put on power dressing, not necessarily disguising herself as a man and sacrificing femininity.

The author of the text is Aleksandra Frątczak.

Personal Stylist. Personal Shopper. Trainer. Author of the book Dress in color. The ins and outs of color analysis.

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